Refurbished & Reconditioned Hospital Beds-HillRom

A Brief:

  • RS-Healthcare Solutions has embarked on a medical service mission
  • Cater to medical needs synchronizing Hospital Beds and Equipment
  • Initiatives meet the need of the hour
  • Technology platform with strategic implementation for effective treatment
  • Vision to facilitate the needy; based on International auspices.

Signature initiatives:

  • International specified Beds which are refurbished
  • A shelf-life of thirty plus years
  • Official website support for all specifications
  • A year’s warranty, from the date of registration

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The Affinity® 4 Birthing Bed

Revolutionary birthing bed designed for safety

  • The only birthing bed you’ll need the perfect combination of safety and ease of use. In labor and delivery, every second counts. You must be able to respond quickly and easily, especially in an emergency.
  • he Affinity® 4 birthing bed delivers on the promise of a safe, sleek birthing bed that functions in the busiest environment with ease.
  • With the Affinity® 4 birthing bed, we have made dozens of quality improvements, large and small, from dual locking castors to stronger calf supports
  • The gas assist Trend mechanism allows head elevation to immediately lower to 8 degrees
Progresso Bed System

Progressa™ bed system

The Progressa™ bed system responds to the evolving needs of caregivers, patients and health care facilities. More than just a bed, the Progressa bed system is a therapeutic device that acts as a seamless extension of the health care team.

Envella air fluidized therapy bed

The Envella™ Air Fluidized Therapy Bed, Hillrom’s most advanced wound therapy surface, provides the highest quality wound care along the care continuum for patients with complex, advanced wounds.

Total Care Intensive care Bed

TotalCare Bed provides maximum comfort to patients in critical condition and reduces stain.

The Hill-Rom® 900 bed

The Hillrom® 900 bed offers maximum functionality with minimal complexity, so you spend less time and energy operating the bed and more time focusing on essential tasks such as mobilising your patients and ensuring their safety.