A Brief:

  • RS-Healthcare Solutions has embarked on a medical service mission
  • Cater to medical needs synchronizing Hospital Beds and Equipment
  • Initiatives meet the need of the hour
  • Technology platform with strategic implementation for effective treatment
  • Vision to facilitate the needy; based on International auspices.

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Advantages of Volker Beds:

  • Volker GmbH has developed from a regional provider based in Witten, Germany into a company operating worldwide.
  • Volker offered the best products within its market segments, that is better healthcare beds and better hospital beds, and became the market leader in Germany.
  • The Volker MiS® Micro stimulation System: It detects even minor movements made by the patient. The lying surface then feeds these back through the mattress and to the patient’s body as tactile stimuli.
  • Volker offer occupants a life in dignity despite growing immobility Volker provide nursing staff with as much relief of work as possible
  • Volker offer customers a medical product with little maintenance effort and low add on costs.

Volker –HC -Bed 17-3080MA-KS

Revolutionary bed designed for comfort

Volker 3080 Split Side Rails 1170x680

Volker Beds is a Revolutionary bed designed for comfort

S 582 low height bed

  • S 582 low height bed Safe and efficient care for fall prone patients
  • A bed designed to protect your fall prone patients, older and more dependent, as well as those who are distressed by their condition, run a considerably higher risk of falling whilst in hospital
  • The S 582 low height bed has been designed to counter delayed rehabilitation loss of autonomy
  • Easy and safe patient transportation Enhance maneuverability
  • Promote safer patient mobilization for faster rehabilitation
  • Fostering patient autonomy Furthermore
  • Better sleeping and lying comfort favors faster recovery