In India, doctors without formal medical training treat up to two third of primary care patients. Sick patients come to hospital late, because most of them prefer quacks first and then they reach hospital. The WHO report says, in the rural area 31.4% self-proclaimed allopathic doctors were educated only up to Class 12 and 57.3% doctors did not have a formal medical training. IoMT Medical Devices will solve these big global health problems.

IoMT a platform for online integration of doctors, diagnostics, drugs and data has changed the conventional way of medical practice and bridging the rural-urban healthcare divide. Powered by AI and cloud based integrated point of care diagnostics, MedTelprovides specialist teleconsultation, diagnostic and drugs at one place in a aggregated model, by opening digital health clinics


IoMT Health POD, Lab In A Box & CBRS (Cloud Based Remote Screening) connect remote patients with doctors through both Mobile & Web platform


We at IoMT help you in building your telemedicine project. Our team of experts including doctors analyse your challenges starting from patient engagement to follow-up services. We have proven our strength by building end-to-end solution for the clients. We also help in empanelling doctors and paramedics for the project.


IoMT platform’s compatibility & flexibility fits to all the stakeholders of healthcare.Telemedicine reduces operating costs to small town health care facilities by providing them with access to specialized staff and technology they would not otherwise be able to support financially.

IoMT Fits Everywhere

MedTel platform’s compatibility & flexibility fits to all the stakeholders of healthcare.